Update Build#1

It's duodi today, time to update primidi !

If you want to know how to use every Primidi's features, please read the Readme file provided. But before that :

Yay new things !

  • Added an fps option in the config file
  • Added a speed factor in the config file
  • Added a start bpm and offset in the config file
  • Notes can now have a custom width and position
  • Notes can now use a custom sprite !!
  • Sprite are now defined in the skin.json
  • You can now put a foreground picture if you need one
  • Custom cursor if you want to pimp your midi to the next level

And a bunch of fixes, too !

  • Windows: fixed window moving outside/not being resized when going back from fullscreen
  • Fixed a crash when closing the window
  • Fixed midi files with upper case letters in the extension not being read
  • Minor fixes...


primidi-linux-v1.zip 1 MB
Jun 20, 2017
primidi-windows-v1.zip 2 MB
Jun 20, 2017

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